Man shares ‘FBI tip’ for getting someone to say yes to any question you ask


Every day on TikTok, it feels like we learn something new – from how to hang up a phone without seeming rude, to how to tell if a call centre can hear everything you’re saying.

Most recently we’ve discovered an FBI approved technique for getting someone to answer ‘yes’ to pretty much any question.

And it’s all thanks to a man named David Rooney.

In a post on the social media platform, David shared a tip he had learned from former FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss.

Posting under @david_rooney, he said: “Here’s another tip from an FBI negotiator.

“Getting the person to say yes three times before asking a question, will make them more likely to say yes to your question.”

He continued to explain: “Say you want to convince someone to go to McDonald’s with you.

“Ask, are you hungry? Yes.

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“Do you like burgers? Yes.

“Do you want to eat? Yes.

“Do you want to go to McDonald’s?”

“They’re much more likely to say yes cause you’ve primed them to say yes in the three previous questions,” David adds.

The TikTok video has gone viral and been watched more than 190,000 times, garnering over 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“We use this trick in sales,” replied one person.

Another said: “I do this but never realised until we saw this!”

“I will forever use this on my husband now for multiple things,” joked a third.

“Interesting,” proclaimed a fourth.

Someone else branded it “manipulation”, while a different user stressed the importance of allowing people to say no when they want to.

Others weren’t convinced it would work on everyone, with a few pointing out their teenage kids would never say yes to certain things – like tidying their rooms.