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  • High Power SMC3032

    High temperature resistance and reliability, its performance is better than EMC, Good light color consistency, able to stand high current, PB-Free Package , Consistent with RoHS.
  • Automotive LED (AEC-Q102)

    Pass the AEC-Q102 Automotive grade certification (The number one in the world to obtain the certification issued by SGS) 、IEC60810 certification of Lamps for road vehicles - Performance requirements. It can meet the requirement of Chinese GB、EU’S ECE、American SAE.
  • High luminous density COB

    It hase passed the third party 10000-hour LM-80 test, the TM-21 lifetime is estimated to be L70>60000hours, Providing higher center light intensity and uniform light output
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  • About Honglitronic
  • HONGLITRONIC (Hongli Zhihui Group SZ.300219) was founded in 2004, the headquarters is located in Guangzhou, China. HONGLITRONIC is one of the 3 largest high quality LED Packaging manufacturers in China, specialized in production and development of SMD LEDs, COB LEDs, High Power LEDs, Automotive LEDs, UV LEDs, Infrared LEDs etc. It currently has 2 LED package manufacturing plants in China (Guangzhou and Nanchang city).
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